ABOUT GREG ALAN JANKOWSKI  aka The Balance Professor

A Core Balance Educator and Certified Fitness Trainer recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM Greg is also an author and dynamic "edutainment style" public speaker with over 20 years fitness industry experience. An early role as a communications specialist for the United States Air Force Logistics Command Headquarters in Dayton, Ohio was followed closely by a career in Advertising as a creative ad man in 1984 producing national ad campaigns for major Chicago agencies. His evolution into the fitness industry began in 1992 with a personal health and wellness revelation and a innovative fitness training internship program featuring leading experts in the areas of track and field, sports medicine kinesiology and athletic conditioning. Greg excels in the fitness industry as a successful trainer and high energy creative motivator providing premier fitness and athletic performance training services to a host of business and civic leaders in Chicago, around the country and across the globe in Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego, Madrid, Spain and Saudi Arabia.  


HOLISTIC HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACH                                                                             FITNESS AUTHOR SPEAKER ARTFUL LIVING COACH

In 2009, Greg authored OIBSS his neural based performance workshops offering fitness professionals and business organizations team building strategies to compliment health, fitness and productivity, new business development, client relations, personal stress management.  In his quest to reach out and share his message, “Enhancing the Productivity Potential,” Greg offers his core balance fitness and productivity lectures and workshops to organizations looking to educate, empower, inspire and reward team members with engaging discoveries into both their physical and cognitive productivity potential. He has delivered his balance productivity potential workshops to groups such as the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation, Harlem Wizards Basketball Organization, Acquired Brain Injury Program at Mesa College, and Naperville District 203 – Learning Readiness Education Program.

Greg currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Ingrid Reyes-Jankowski and their two dogs Sophie and Bella and divides his time as a Function Movement Specialist, Speaker, Corporate Team Performance Consultant and Neuromuscular Balance Educator. When not on the road he is passionate about donating his time to community organizations dedicated to the ARTS, active learning educational initiatives, aspiring young athletes and returning veterans. An avid NFL, MMA and music fan he considers himself a DESIGNER WITH CHARACTER INTENTIONS and utilizes his use of line and color to frame, bring life and capture moments in time deemed treasurable. Greg's  CANINE CHARACTER offerings bring a whole new meaning to feeling an energy with these depictions and characters of K9's along with writing, photography, videography, travel, and his musical aspirations as a drummer..